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CLICK HERE and join the FREE My Airdrop Alert (MADA) Affiliate Program and immediately start earning. We all know people that have DEX wallets. Everything from MetaMask to Trust Wallets work with our app. The biggest issue with DEX wallets is NO alerts when you get a token or NFT deposit. With MADA this problem no longer exist.

CLICK HERE Sign-up as a MADA Affiliate and you will receive two months of our MADA Premium Account absolutely FREE. Also, for each of your referrals that successfully sign-up for one of our Premium or Pro accounts, you will receive 15% of the total payments received, paid to you in real-time.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity. CLICK HERE to sign-up for our MADA Affiliate Program today.

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Kevin Simon
Kevin Simon
Oct 30, 2023


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